Military Fire Fighter: Leader : Baptism of Fire For Jaguar K-15


Our May 1995 edition of MILITARY FIREFIGHTER contained a major analysis of technically-advanced Colet Jaguar K-15 recently purchased by Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, and currently under intense scrutiny by military procurement officials. This August Leader reports on how the new vehicle proved a major success at the scene of a serious DC-9 fire on the runway.


On Thursday, June 8th, Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport's emergency team was scrambled following an alert involving a ValuJet DC-9 on fire. Hartsfield operations supervisor David W. Martin confirms that he alarm was received from the Atlanta FAA tower at 07:10pm. Atlanta Airport's Battalion Seven firefighters arrived on the scene in less than a minute (1911 hours) and began extinguishing the fire.


Leading the way was Hartsfield's unique crash truck, the Colet Jaguar K-15. Airport operations and fire officials praised the speed and the effectiveness of the Jaguar K-15 as being instrumental in swiftly containing the fire. It was the first vehicle to arrive on scene where its rapid response, immediately discharging 3% foam, prevented an explosive engine fire, while heavy smoke was coming out of the doors and windows of the aircraft.


The ValuJet Flight 597 was carrying 55 passengers and five crew members who were immediately evacuated from the plane and accounted for within one minute. People were then taken to a nearby airport fire station where an emergency triage centre was established. Several passengers and crew, and one firefighter, received minor injuries and were taken to an area hospital.

Atlanta Fire Department Chief Charlie Duncan commented: "The fire was extinguished at 07:25pm, 14 minutes after the arrival of the ARFF units. Firefighters then entered and searched aircraft. More than 100 emergency personnel and 20 emergency apparatus were involved in containing the fire, rescuing the passengers, securing the area and clearing the runway of any debris.

Military Fire Fighter : August 1995


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