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A radically new vehicle, The K/15 & K/R40 JAGUARS are all weather, all terrain aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle is being hailed as the most advanced crash vehicle in the market today, And the experts say it could be dominating the military fire scene for at least the next 20 years.


The JAGUAR can accelerate from 0 - 50 mph in 17.8 seconds and combines maximum off-road capability with the ultimate at handling at speed thanks to a fully engineered, mission specific COLET Chassis.


The vehicle shape is one where form follows function. The triangular shape's inherent strength dominates the cockpit's integrated crash cage/crew module, which has been designed for frontal impact protection, and at the same time is capable of penetrating an airport perimeter fence.


In the unlikely event of a rollover, this shape prevents violent gyrations of the vehicle (which could result as corners of a square cab dig into the ground) thereby lessening the chances of serious upper extremity injuries to the crew. The aerodynamic benefits are obvious and are combined with the utmost in practicality.

The "nose" houses the electronics and brains of the vehicle. One could call it a technical center. It can be very comfortably accessed via a service hatch, which opens from the bottom, allowing the technician to literally have the upper part of his body in the nose while standing on the ground.


The vehicle can even be raised or lowered to suit the technician at the push of a button! All the vital systems of the vehicle are backed up and can be bypassed.


All the glass panels in the cockpit are a bonded and laminated type to maximize crew protection in a crash or possibly hit from flying objects. The doors are cleverly designed, not only to keep from easily being blown around, but also to keep the crew from falling sideways during dismount.


You have to deliberately exit in a manner that the fire scene is in view. These doors go outwards and back to act as a safety device, as well as allowing unobstructed access.


In the construction of the vehicle, stainless steel is used throughout to battle the horrendous corrosive problems associated with fire fighting foams. The ultimate strength of stainless steel makes for a long life that far outlasts alternative constructions.


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Atlanta is renowned for its high level of aircraft rescue expertise and firefighting capabilities. Its fire fighters train hard and are never too shy to take the first step into the future

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May 1995

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