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Innovative engineering saves lives. Crash vehicles are part of the arsenal of fire-fighting equipment continually on alert in civilian and military airports around the world. Designed to travel quickly to the scene of a crash, they are the airports "pumping trucks," equipped with water, foam or other chemicals necessary to extinguish aircraft fuel or electrical fires. In an actual airport emergency the capabilities of ground rescue equipment can make all the difference in a life and death situation.

The innovative K/15 Jaguar airport crash vehicle is being hailed as a revolutionary fire fighting "system." Its fire-fighting capabilities from acceleration speed and mass, to power discharge systems are literally unmatched by any other airport rescue vehicle on the market today. Capable of traversing runways at speeds up to 160KM/H, the jaguar carries up to 5670 liters of water and 363 liters of foam that can be pumped more than 90M at 6800L/min.

The manufacturer's commitment to producing a failsafe vehicle, and the jaguars innovative design engineering, help to explain why it is being called the most advanced crash vehicle out on the market today.


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SAE Off Highway Magazine
December 1995

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