COLET SVD manufactures and designs the most advanced vehicles in the world. Each vehicle is manufactured and designed in the United States of America, utilizing the latest in manufacturing techniques. COLET SVD can custom design and manufacture high performance vehicles to any specification.


COLET Jaguars have been featured in many publications world wide, and have been recognized as the most advanced vehicles in the world. Their unique active-reactive suspension / chassis system allow these vehicles to surpass all previous performance standards for their class of vehicle.

We are dedicated to the advancement of vehicle technology. We strive to create new levels of performance, function, and efficiency. Each vehicle we produce represents the cutting edge in vehicle development and manufacturing.



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COLET Vehicles are built and designed to solve many "common sense" issues found in crash vehicles. We work hard to address issues such as; stability and safety, performance and response times, reliability and cost, etc.   Please email us your comments and/or suggestions!

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