The K/R40 Jaguar S.C.P:  

The COLET K/R40 Jaguar is the most powerful crash truck in the world. Some key features of the K/R40 are the PowerFlow Turret and Instatak firefighting systems. Together, they help make the K/R40 into an invaluable tool. The 1600HP engine pushes the K/R40 to 50 mph in less than 25 seconds, making it the fastest vehicle of this size in the world.


General Overview of Vehicle Features and Options:

  • Available over-the-road, interstate capability.
  • Winterization package
  • High mileage Lo profile tire option
  • Customized to meet customer needs.

Technical Specifications:

K/R40 - The Fastest and Most Powerful Crash Truck in the World!


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