The K/15ATTCC Jaguar: 


The COLET K/15ATTCC Jaguar is a high performance crash truck designed with many advanced features. Integrated Crash Cage (ICC), Computer Controlled Active/Reactive/Interactive Suspension (CC-ARIS), Active/Passive Anti Lock Braking System (AP-ABS), The Instatak ™ firefighting system, and Active/Passive Traction Control (AP-TC), just to list a few. This vehicle also boasts superior all around handling, superior fire suppression capabilities, enhanced safety, and modular systems designed for easy access and maintenance. All these systems and more have been integrated into a state of the art chassis system tuned to be the safest, fastest, and most reliable crash truck of its kind.

The K/15ATTCC Jaguar is an air transportable diesel powered vehicle designed for on pavement and off road use. It is equipped with water and foam capabilities that can be delivered at a very high rate of discharge. The foam mixture is computer controlled and the diesel engine provides power to drive the vehicle and the water pump. The vehicle power pack features an automatic transmission, water pump, 2-speed high performance transfer case, computer controlled functions, a front drive steer axle and a rear-driving axle.


General Overview of Vehicle Features and Options:

  • C130 air-transportable.
  • Available over-the-road, interstate capability.
  • Winterization package.
  • High mileage Lo profile tire option.
  • Customized to meet customer needs.

Technical Specifications:

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